“Terry is a terrific and quite knowledgeable CPR instructor, and he made the training not only informative but fun and enjoyable for us today!”

John Melucci, DDS

“The Safety & Security Team as well as the members who participated in attending your presentation (on how we can help secure our worship facility and prepare for our security in case of a health issue, fire, weather or shooter issue) were impressed. We were not only impressed with your knowledge of the subjects but the knowledge you had about our facility both outside and inside before you made the presentation. The presentation was not boring. You held our interest and your humor made the time go by quickly.

We were blessed with the suggestions you gave us to help protect and secure our congregation.  We also appreciated your offering to help us on how we might obtain AEDs at a fair price as well as other tools.

Thank you for your ministry.”

Harry Wagner, 8th Day Vineyard

“Thank you, Terry!!
I appreciate your (active shooter) workshop and your wisdom on this topic. We learned a lot!
I greatly appreciate all the resources you shared with my team, as well.”

Kate Fisher, Administrator, Central Christian Academy

“…It got me thinking about how to protect myself and my kids…”

“…I learned a lot and feel more prepared…”

Active ShooterClass Attendees, Kindercare McMurray

Terry has been working with the Sheepdog Church Security Academy for several years, writing about Parking Lot operations and Medical emergencies in houses of worship. His knowledge and practical applications for Safety Ministries are on-target and reflect real-world experience. He is my go-to person for medical advice. If you are serious about preparing your staff and volunteers for the multitude of medical situations you may face, then Terry Berringer is your guy!

Kris Moloney, Trainer/Consultant, Sheepdog Church Security

“Information was helpful, the instructor was able to convey information in an understandable way, and would recommend this training.”

“Thanks, you were informative and made it interesting.”

“Very Informative and enjoyable!”

“Very Friendly!”

“He made learning the information fun and interesting!”


“Terry did an amazing presentation!”

Active Shooter, CPR, and Fire Safety Class Attendees

Terry, Thank you for coming out and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with our people. Needless to say they were impressed and reminded of things of importance. Your wit and humor added to the liveliness of the content of the class.

Thank you again.

Marty Cumba Sr, Director of Security, Life Church Washington PA

Absolutely awesome information! Thank you!

The Lighthouse Church

Terry was an incredible resource to our church, in the creation of our new security team. He is clearly very passionate and experienced in this facet of church ministry. He took the time to meet with me in order to understand our church’s specific needs and concerns and delivered training that was tailor-made for our unique situation. He was fun to listen to and had great answers to all of our questions. My only regret is that we didn’t schedule enough time to benefit from more of his hands-on training and demonstrations. Our church has benefited greatly from his service and his continued support and friendship. We would highly recommend his services to any church that is looking for a practical, ministry focused approach to security.

Vincent Geramita, Head of Security, Eternal City Church

Our church had made a decision to set up a safety and security team last year.  Terry Berringer was instrumental in helping us get started.  His guidance and counsel were incredible.  Once our team was set up, we had Terry come in and conduct a half-day of training with our team.  Terry’s information and delivery were exceptional! his knowledge about the church security environment and basic training was extremely helpful to us as we started our Security program.  His friendly demeanor and willingness to address all questions were incredible.  I would highly recommend Terry and his company to any church considering setting up a Safety and Security team.

Rich Bryer, Cornerstone Ministries, Senior Team Leader for Security