Medical Training

Church Emergency Consulting provides training in the following aspects of individual and first responder training:

  • CPR/AED Certifications
  • First Aid
  • Building/supplying First Aid Kits
  • Bleeding Control/Tourniquet use (for individuals within a household or for teams providing care for thousands)

Church Emergency Consulting is available to work with your business, school, church, or organization to provide training and equipment to help keep everyone safe and sound. We can provide CPR / AED classes, giving a 2-year nationally recognized certification. No need to travel, we come to your location with all the needed equipment for your certification needs on your schedule. Don’t have an AED? We will take care of getting you the best AED for your building and personal setup. We teach General First Aid courses, both in person as well as cloud-based training with certification of completion. Stopping Bleeding is a critical skill that we can teach as an in-person class with hands-on training or via a cloud-based self-paced training module. This includes training on tourniquet use.

Once you have some training, you now need the equipment. We are able to provide individual First Aid Kits (IFAK’s) or kits for organizations to install in businesses, schools, or organizations as well as kits to be set up in fleet vehicles. We can also set up kits for mass casualty events. We offer in-person or cloud-based training on Fire Prevention / Fire Safety by a State Certified Fire Instructor to bring you up to NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association) Standards. Hands-on Fire Extinguisher training can be set up as well.