Church Medical

Anytime there is a gathering of people such as in a church or school, there is a risk of injury; either from a person that has a predisposed medical condition that just happens to exacerbate at that moment, or the very popular boy vs. wall (wall almost always wins).

The best way to deal with either is to have a trained medical team on hand to help the sick or injured at their most needed time.

Most organizations just hope that someone will be nearby when a medical emergency occurs. Instead of hoping that the lady that usually sits in the back on the left (someone said she was once a nurse), is available, make sure your organization is covered with a skilled, trained, scheduled, medical team any time there is a scheduled meeting or special event taking place.

These trained professionals come from within your own organization to enable them to be even more caring and responsive to the needs of each other. Many times, in this situation they are caring for friends, neighbors, or even family. The caregivers of the medical response team are able to provide basic first aid to anyone on the property according to the Good Samaritan Act as BLS providers. As such, no medications are to be distributed by the medical team, other than life-saving medications (such as an epi-pen); in that case, the team member may be called upon to assist the patient in self-medication.