Church Emergency Consulting incorporates security, parking, and medical into a complete safety model.

We also provide two-year AHA BLS CPR training and certification – we come to you with all the gear needed on your schedule. We provide training for healthcare professionals, first responders, or any group or organization looking to be prepared in an emergency situation.


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About Church Emergency Consulting

Church Emergency Consulting started out working primarily in schools and houses of worship but has grown to incorporate the experience and detailed training into a much broader base. We provide instruction and guidance, not just for schools and churches but also for businesses, organizations, residential and personal coaching needs.

We remain the only source of training in Security, Parking and Medical in the northeast United States using the unique holistic programs incorporating the teams into a complete safety model.

Taking what we have used as proven knowledge-based training for these organizations, we now employ the same techniques and services to businesses, organizations, and residential customers.

For more information, contact Terry Berringer at

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Emergency Preparedness for Churches

When an injury or illness occurs to someone on your property, the Medical Team responds, the Security Team controls the scene, and the Parking Team gets the outside emergency response crews to the needed location. The three teams work like a well-oiled and well-trained network, partnering with each other for the best outcome. 


Church Emergency Consulting is here to help you select, train, and manage a Security Team – members of your organization that have a vested interest in the organization they are securing.


Anytime there is a gathering of people such as in a church or school, there is a risk of injury. The best way to deal with either is to have a trained medical team on hand to help the sick or injured at their most needed time.


By staffing a volunteer Parking Team from your own people, you can help everyone reach their destination quicker and with a smile and a nod.

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Business, Organization, and Residential Training

Church Emergency Consulting is available to work with your business, school, church, or organization to provide training and equipment to help keep everyone safe and sound.


Security, whether personal or for a large group, starts with situational awareness. Situational Awareness is the basics of seeing what’s around you, what’s going on, and more importantly, what’s about to happen. The goal is to have these skills to walk daily not as paranoid people, but just observant to your surroundings – prepared to face what arises before you.


Parking Teams answer general questions about the organization. You never know what kinds of questions a guest might have – and those in the lot might be the first person available to answer that questions.


Church Emergency Consulting is available to work with your business, school, church, or organization to provide training and equipment to help keep everyone safe and sound.

Cloud-Based Training

  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Bleeding Control
  • Basic First Aid
  • Fire Safety & Prevention
  • Active Shooter (Active Threat) Crisis Safety Training
  • De-escalating Conflict

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