Parking Teams:

1. Are a smiling face as people enter the lot. Some coming onto your property have had a rough week – maybe even a rough life. A smile can go a long way for them.

2. Direct traffic, especially in the busiest times.

3. Help families with children. Parking team personnel can assist families who are unloading multiple kids with all their associated equipment.

4. Guide people to the right door. It’s not always easy to know which door is the best entrance. Parking teams can help with that decision.

5. Offer rides if the lot is large. Parking teams with a golf cart are a welcome sight for those who must park a long way from the building.

6. Guard spaces for the handicapped. You might be surprised how often parking teams have seen seemingly healthy people with no handicapped sticker park in these spaces. 

7. Provide umbrellas and an arm in inclement weather. Not everybody comes prepared for bad weather, and some need a helping hand when the parking lot is wet, slick or icy.

8. Answer general questions about the organization. You never know what kinds of questions a guest might have – and those in the lot might be the first person available to answer that questions.

9. Provide security. Their presence is clearly recognizable and can be a deterrent to other problems like vandalism and theft. 

10. Encourage people as they leave. Few organizations use parking lot personnel in this way. It is known that the first impression is only as strong as the last one.