About Terry

Terry Berringer is the owner/operator of Church Emergency Consulting. He was the founder, developer, trainer, and director of the security, parking, and medical teams of one of the largest congregations in southwest Pennsylvania for over 20 years.

Church Emergency Consulting works with organizations to provide training as well as risk assessments, policy and procedures writing, CPR/AED certifications, first aid classes, stop the bleed classes, video surveillance and controlled entry, and NFPA Fire safety training – basically anything that helps you protect and care for those in your organization.

Terry has experience as a volunteer fireman, Emergency Medical Technician, and Paramedic as well as a CRRN with Pittsburgh’s largest health care system for over 25 years. He is DHS and FBI trained and has trained with the likes of Carl Chinn, Chuck Chadwick, Lt Col. Dave Grossman and Vaughn Baker. He brings all of this training to your facility.

Ezekiel 33:6, Nehemiah 4:17