Terry BerringerAfter more than 20 years of experience as the Director of Security, Parking and Medical for a major Western Pennsylvania suburban church, Terry Berringer has entered the next phase of his ministry to protect and care for God’s people and the places they worship.

Terry is the founder of a skilled medical team serving the needs of a large church. Combined with the growth and management of security and parking teams, he has developed systems for organizing and providing for the most basic needs of church-going believers in a post-911 world. We live in a fallen world and God has put us here to help cushion the landing. That means serving congregants from the minute they arrive on church property until the time they go out and serve the unchurched world outside the door.

Terry has also served as a consultant to several area schools, providing training in security and medical needs for school personnel.

  • Over 20 Years of experience as Director of Security, Parking & Medical Teams
  • Pioneer of local church emergency concepts
  • Trained alongside the leaders of church security, including Chuck Chadwick and Carl Chinn of Gatekeepers Security Services and Vaughn Baker of Strategos International
  • Expert in Church Security Surveillance Systems
  • Homeland Security training
  • FBI Training
  • 20 years as volunteer fireman and fire policeman, including training academies
  • Experienced Emergency Medical Technician
  • 30 years as Registered Nurse, (CRRN) at a leading Pittsburgh hospital
  • Long working relationships with local first responders

Ezekiel 33:6, Nehemiah 4:17