Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy is a private Christian school that provides authentic education and Biblical discipleship in a uniquely connected community of 4-year-old preschool students through high school seniors.

Over the past several years, Terry Berringer has assisted Cornerstone with consultations regarding emergency preparedness planning and training, safety and security assessments, procurement and installation of video monitoring equipment, medical consultation services, and more. As Cornerstone’s Executive Director, I am very grateful for the many ways Terry is always striving to keep students as safe as possible!

Cindi McCall, Executive Director, Cornerstone Christian Preparatory Academy

As a leader charged with the safety and security of over 4,000 people, nearly 500 events each year, and a school, it was assuring to know the leaders of CEC partnered with us to build and improve our infrastructure and processes. We went from concern about how we were going to accomplish the mission, to being in a position to help other churches raise the bar on their safety and security services. A partner that can assess, plan, consult and transfer the knowledge necessary to achieve one’s goals is invaluable.

Bill Harmon, Executive Director, The Bible Chapel

Terry and his amazing team worked with us on our Legends Tour. They were top-notch professionals and incredible men of integrity. All the pioneers in Christian Music loved them and we are having them for several other venues. What a joy to be able to have a Christian-based security team be present for all our events. We highly recommend these mighty men of valor.

The Chrisagis Brothers

A huge thank you to Terry and his medical and security team for once again providing their outstanding services for our Spring Shows. Over the past five years, you’ve made our events so much easier for us! With a crowd of a thousand or so, there is always issues to deal with, but I’m glad it is you and not me. We look forward to working with your team again this year!

Grace Christian Dance Company

I became acquainted with Terry Berringer about two years ago. It was at a Homeland Security seminar that he hosted at The Bible Chapel. Through several exchanges over the next few months I got to know Terry and Church Emergency Consulting. Terry’s knowledge of the security and medical fields is quite impressive and he has been extremely helpful in helping get our church security program moving in a very positive direction.

I have also had the pleasure of working with Terry on security detail and he is a consummate professional with an eye for detail and a heart for keeping the “flock” safe. I would highly recommend Terry and CEC for security details you may need help with or for setting up security for your house of worship.

Nevin G. VanRiper, Head of Security, Facility Manager, Central Assembly of God

I have been a Police Officer for 29 years. I have worked with the youth of the community for 27 years. I have known Terry Berringer for about the last twelve years. Since I have met Terry, it was apparent that he cared greatly about the safety of the members of his congregation and has worked tirelessly to provide the best care possible for anyone in need. Terry and I spoke many times about ways to keep the people he served safe and has worked with me on program we could provide to the members. One of the biggest programs we provided was the drug take back program. This program is designed to get old medications out of the home and properly disposed of.

The place we spent most of our time on was serving the youth of the community. We spent hours meeting to talk about the needs of the children of the area. Together we came up with many programs to provide to our youth. They included drug abuse, making good decisions, providing after school programs to help build positive self esteem and positive alternatives to negative behavior. Also when we noticed a need to even one member of his church we got together and talked about the best course of action to help the entire family.

Most of all Terry has been a great true friend. I literally could call Terry any time of the day or night. And I have called him at three in the morning to speak with him. I have never met anyone more willing to do things for others. And he always did it with a smile on his face.

Dave Stanton, Police Officer

I recently retired as the Chief of Police of Peters Township after 28 years of service. One of the most rewarding experience I had was to meet and work with Terry Berringer of The Bible Chapel. I found Terry to be an individual that was more concerned about the welfare and safety of others more so than any person I have ever met.

Terry and I worked on many things over the years. Those projects included: traffic training for the parking lot attendants’, car cruise, familiarization of the facility with police and fire personnel, use of the Church facilities for police officer training, and our most successful venture being the “Drug Take Back”. These are just a few of the events we tackled together and all worked out very well.

Terry is very dedicated to his family and Church. The interesting thing about Terry is that his Church is the world and everyone in it. His heart is that big.

Harry J. Fruecht, Chief of Police (Retired)