WFX Conference, November 14, 2018

The WFX Conference & Expo offers solutions relating to training and education for today’s church. This three-day experience provided church teams with hands-on training, real-world solutions, networking, and more importantly, the inspiration that you need to successfully grow your church community. The conference featured 100+ speakers, 125+ Sessions, and 200+ exhibitors.

Terry presented during a session at this conference entitled Security, Parking, and Medical Teams (SPaM): The Community Response Team.

Security, parking, and medical teams are needed in today’s churches, schools, and nonprofits more than ever. The best teams run not only on their own, but also in coordination with each other to produce a holistic approach to serving an organization, allowing all that come onto property to worship, teach, learn and serve in a safe and peaceful environment while training and equipping to stand to protect and treat members of the organization during daily activities as well as during critical incidents.

Learning Objectives

• Understand each of the Security, Parking and Medical Teams and their roles.
• Learn how they best act as parts of the whole.
• Understand how each team works with each other during daily activity as well as in a critical incident.

Thanks to all those that attended our teaching session. Terry was honored to present at this year’s WFX Conference and looks forward to many more speaking engagements.

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