Dave Stanton, Police Officer

I have been a Police Officer for 29 years. I have worked with the youth of the community for 27 years. I have known Terry Berringer for about the last twelve years. Since I have met Terry, it was apparent that he cared greatly about the safety of the members of his congregation and has worked tirelessly to provide the best care possible for anyone in need. Terry and I spoke many times about ways to keep the people he served safe and has worked with me on program we could provide to the members. One of the biggest programs we provided was the drug take back program. This program is designed to get old medications out of the home and properly disposed of.

The place we spent most of our time on was serving the youth of the community. We spent hours meeting to talk about the needs of the children of the area. Together we came up with many programs to provide to our youth. They included drug abuse, making good decisions, providing after school programs to help build positive self esteem and positive alternatives to negative behavior. Also when we noticed a need to even one member of his church we got together and talked about the best course of action to help the entire family.

Most of all Terry has been a great true friend. I literally could call Terry any time of the day or night. And I have called him at three in the morning to speak with him. I have never met anyone more willing to do things for others. And he always did it with a smile on his face.