Has anyone ever asked if you were a Christian?

There was a time in Colorado that a young man allegedly asked a young lady that, then shot her dead when she responded. He and his friend continued to shoot up the school, killing many.

Another young man at a college in Oregon went on a shooting spree; as he was shooting those he held hostage, he asked them “are you a Christian?” and depending on their answer, he either shot them in the leg or the head.

Are we expecting that here in the North Eastern United States? No. But we do need to be prepared. We are significantly behind the national curve when it comes to preparing our schools and houses of worship.

If the chances of these type of events are rare, then we need to be prepared for the more common events like a fall down the steps, or a custodial issue coming up in the children’s area.

The significant visible deterrent to many crimes is a visible Security team. These teams not only secure the areas they patrol, but are also great hosts and informational resources to everyone coming into your building. In the event of any other type of event, it is imperative that there are trained individuals present to deal with whatever happens. It can not be a hit or miss kind of thing. If needed, there needs to be the right people in the right place.

Church Emergency Consulting is here to help you select, train, and manage a Security Team. This will not be a “rent a guard” situation where some stranger comes in and has no connection to the property or the people on the property. These are members of your organization that have a vested interest in the organization they are securing.

Working Hand in hand with a skilled and trained Parking Team and Medical Team, the Security team can help make learning, worshiping, and serving a comfortable peaceful feeling.