High-Profile Cases and Lessons Learned

Sponsored by Church Emergency Consulting
Where:  The Bible Chapel, McMurray
When: February 1, 2022, 6:00-8:30
Cost:  FREE for USLS Members, Church Members, and Church Emergency Consulting Clients

This seminar features U.S. Law Shield Independent Program Attorney Gilbert Ambler’s analysis of several high-profile self-defense cases from a legal perspective. This is a unique opportunity to see legal concepts applied to real-world scenarios. Our discussion will include examinations of several recent cases.  The event will look at cases where the use of force was deemed justified as well as cases where the use of force resulted in criminal penalties.  You will be able to see what worked and where mistakes were made so that you can incorporate these lessons into your own self-defense plan.

Register at the link below.  The event will fill quickly!